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Let's Build My App Alex Dow

What You Get

What You Get Product Comprehension


Get the right software, the first time. We easily avoid misunderstandings as native English speakers, meet often during your timezone, and always get the ins-and-outs of your business.

“I feel like Alex just 'got' my product”
- Morgan Ross, Parkur
What You Get Fast Delivery


You will never end up waiting months with LetsBuildMyApp! With our US time zone and communication, strict process, and industry knowledge we move fast!  

“Exceeded our expectations in every way”
-  Arush, Inspira
What You Get Affordable Software


(With no hidden costs!) Promises kept, we deliver your product at the agreed upon price. Through our efficiency and speed, we keep the cost affordable for you! 

“...The end product was what was promised and beautiful. It was affordable as well!”
- Lauren & Julie, Rabbit & Wolves

What Our Clients Say

Reasonably priced, Stuck to the timeline, and created an app that I am incredibly proud of

I thought that from the jump, Alex "got" my project and understood what it was and what I was trying to accomplish. They did what they said they would on the timeline and budget agreed upon. I can't ask for more than that!

Morgan Ross

CEO, Parkur

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Exceeded our expectations in every way

Not only was our experience personal and friendly, their ability to identify and present our solutions in an imaginative and creative way gave us a huge amount of confidence in them. They are reliable, professional, and easy to work with.

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Their communication and willingness to problem solve as a true development partner was top notch

Let's Build My App team consistently delivered what they said they would. Their frequent and prompt email and virtual meetings communication has ensured an effective workflow.

Matt Lombardi

Founder, Share

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Exactly what we were looking for

Alex is exactly what we were looking for. From the moment we began working together, he was extremely prompt, responsive, and meticulous when it came to designing our app.

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The end product was what was promised and beautiful

When we had questions, we received prompt and clear answers. The end product was what was promised and beautiful. It was affordable as well! We highly recommend working with Alex and Anna. You won't regret it.

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They are on point with the tech side and truly care about making the best app possible

I absolutely LOVE working with this team! They are always ready to help and come up with the coolest updates and new features! I’m mega happy with everything so far and excited for more to come!

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A Team Above


We are the fastest, high quality no-code agency according to our clients through our scrum methods and face-to-face chats. As previous agile and software development professions, we understand the value of getting your product to market.

Reasonably priced, stuck to the timeline, and created an app that I am incredibly proud of
- Morgan Ross, Parkur


Extremely transparent and flexible, we can be counted on to solve your problems as they arise, even mid-project without increasing costs. We care about creating the software you envisioned. Your success is our success!  

“Their communication and willingness to problem solve as a true development partner was top notch” - Matt L., Share


Living in the heart of the USA, we come with the famous Southern hospitality. We value integrity, communication, collaboration, and strive to exceed your expectations in any way we can. They call us people pleasers! 

“Great culture fit”
- Matt M., OnlyGems

Got a question?

We have an answer for you! 

How can I get a quote?

We are happy to give you a quote on 30 min call. Please schedule here or reach out to us directly.

How long will it take to complete my project?

Our average project takes around 6 weeks to complete. The timeline depends strictly on the complexity of features. A no-code approach will significantly speed up any development process. Please schedule a call with us to get an exact estimate based on your scope.

What is the difference between code and no-code development?

Compared to traditional code, “No-code” development enables building software applications without a single line of code. Our favorite no-code/low-code tools are, FlutterFlow, Webflow!

Can low-code/no-code platforms handle complex applications?

Yes, and we have built many! Thankfully, no-code platforms have evolved to handle a wide range of applications, including complex ones. These platforms often offer extensibility options, integrations with external services, and custom code capabilities for more advanced functionalities when needed.

What happens after the application is deployed?

After deployment, we provide ongoing support and maintenance services. This includes regular updates, bug fixes, and addressing any changes. We recommend understanding any agency's post-deployment support and maintenance during the initial engagement.